Common Issues And Topics For Newly Married Couples covering finances, milestones, and safety nets.

In this special Webinar Episode, we want to speak to those of you who recently got married OR are planning to get married soon!

Update: This webinar has ended. Sign up using the form below to receive the link to the recording.

About this event

Firstly, a big warm congratulations to you! You deserve a pat on your back if you have already come through all the wedding ceremonies and rituals. Take a moment to savour one of life’s truly momentous events!

Now, the journey of setting up your new cosy family really begins!

During this webinar, we will be uncovering some common issues and topics that newly married couples must go through. We will share with you our perspective and hopefully give you a great head start to the journey ahead. See you at the webinar!

Some topics covered include:

1. How should we plan for our finances as a married couple – individually VS joint?

2. What are some of the upcoming bite-sized milestones that we can be prepared for?

3. What are some of the safety nets I can put in place for my new family?


About the speaker:

Alvin Neo, AWP®

Alvin Neo, AWP®

Lead, Client Advisory

Since 2016, Alvin has been advising working families on their financial planning needs.

Due to his calling and strong passion to do what is right in the financial planning space, he joined the industry to make a positive contribution to his clients’ financial journey. . He believes in serving and advising his clients like he would to his family and friends. Alvin simplifies complex financial planning jargon and concepts for his clients so that they understand well and are confident in taking their next steps for a better financial future.


Update: This webinar has ended. Sign up using the form below to receive the link to the recording.

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