Live Life Today, Not Tomorrow

“When you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”

Live Life Today, Not Tomorrow

“When you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”

This tool is currently available only for those aged 18 to 65 years old.

All The Things You Get For $99

Receive Your Comprehensive Financial Plan Report

Find out whether your finances are in good shape, the gaps you have in your protection plan, and if you are on route to meeting your children’s education and retirement goals.

Address Your Financial Concerns With Our Qualified Advisers

Have your financial planning related concerns addressed with a face-to-face (available via video conference too) consultation with Advisers who are on the internationally-recognised AWPCM/CFP® programme. Our Client Advisers are fully-salaried and do not take commissions so you can trust the advice they give.

Integrate with National Schemes

Learn how national schemes like CPF LIFE and MediShield Life play a foundational role in your retirement as we integrate them into your comprehensive financial plan.

Implement Your Financial Plan

One-stop service to have your financial plan implemented using low cost, fit for purpose product recommendations. You could also be eligible for commission rebates for insurance plans, promotional advisory fees for investments and complimentary will writing service.
How It Works

Gather required information

Tell us more about yourself – your dependants, income, expenses, assets including property, investments and insurance, and outstanding loans so that we can craft a personalised plan for you.

Receive your comprehensive financial plan report

Your Comprehensive Financial Plan report will be mailed to your registered email address after the appointment is set up, consisting of your Financial Health Check, Protection Needs Analysis, and Retirement and Children’s Education Plan.

Address and implement your financial plan

Our Client Adviser will meet you for a fuller consultation of up to two (2) hours, where you can discuss your Financial Health report, refine your analysis and goals and customise your plan further. We will also help you to implement the plan using low cost, fit for purpose product recommendations if you choose to do so.

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Top Questions People Ask Us

What is Comprehensive Financial Planning?
Comprehensive financial planning is a process of reviewing your current financial situation, analysing your financial goals and developing a plan to achieve them. It involves improving your cash flow, protecting your assets, growing your wealth for retirement and children’s education funding, and eventual passing of assets efficiently to your heirs.
Who is eligible for MoneyOwl’s Comprehensive Financial Planning service?

The Comprehensive Financial Planning service is currently available for people between 18 to 65 years old.

For those age 66 and above, you may drop us an enquiry at and our client adviser will get in touch with you on how to proceed.

Must I purchase any product with MoneyOwl after I go through the Comprehensive Financial Planning?
No, there is no requirement.

Typically, in a Comprehensive Financial Planning report, there will be a recommended action plan for you to meet your financial goals like retirement and children’s education funding or close any protection gap. It will be beneficial for you to discuss these recommendations and, if necessary, customise it further accordingly to your priority and budget.

Can I revise my inputs after I have submitted them? How many versions of the report can I generate?
Your comprehensive financial planning account will be locked after you submit your inputs so that the system can generate your report for you. Should you wish to unlock it to revise your inputs, please contact your client adviser or drop an email to You can generate as many versions of the report as you want so long as it is based on your personal particulars.
Can I do joint planning with my spouse?
Currently, our planning approach is on an individual basis. For planning as a couple, each member can create his or her own Comprehensive Financial plans and the client adviser can advise them in the same meeting session.
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