Invest With Whom You Can Trust

We match your goals to the right portfolios.

Invest With Whom You Can Trust

We match your goals to the right portfolios.

All The Things You Get

Invest From as little as S$50/month (or S$100 lump sum)

With the power of compounding, investing even small amounts can reap big rewards. Who says investing is only for the rich?

Be Part of The Globally Diversified Investment Market

Diversifying within your home market may not be enough. By broadening your investment universe, you reduce a country or sector-specific risk in your portfolio and are well-positioned to capture returns wherever they might occur.

No Market Timing or Stock Picking

Evidence has shown that attempting to outguess the market does not consistently get us better returns. A disciplined investor looks beyond the concerns of today to the long-term growth potential of markets.

No Sales Charge

We keep costs low for you so that you can put those extra dollars in the market to generate more wealth in the long-run.

MoneyOwl Advisory Fees

First $10,000


Tiered by:
Up to $100,000

0.60% p.a.^

$100,000.01 and above

0.50% p.a.^

Platform Fees

0% p.a. Absorbed

MoneyOwl Advisory Fees

First $10,000
Tiered by:
Up to $100,000
0.60% p.a.^
$100,000.01 and above
0.50% p.a.^
Platform Fees
0% p.a. Absorbed

* Promotional rate applicable only to cash investments from now till 31 December 2021. The 0% fee may be affected through a rebate. See FAQs.

^ Applicable to both cash and SRS investments, based on total AUM across all portfolios excluding WiseSaver.

Examples of fees:

John invested $50,000 with MoneyOwl, his fees will be:

First $10,000 free and next $40,000 at 0.6% p.a. advisory fees.


Peter invested $110,000 with MoneyOwl, his fees will be:

First $10,000 free and next $100,000 at 0.5% p.a. advisory fees.

How It Works

Know Your Risk Appetite

Share with us your financial situation and goals, and get your risk appetite assessed.

Build Your Portfolio

Build your portfolio based on your recommended risk appetite with ease.

Manage Your Portfolio

Access and manage your portfolio anytime, anywhere. It is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Reach Out For Help

Reach out to our advisers to answer any of your questions. Sometimes, nothing beats that human touch.

Why Invest In Us

Focus on Asset Allocation

To give you a stress-free investment experience, we emphasise on finding the right combination of stocks and bonds that works for you, based on your ability and willingness to take risks.

Diversify Broadly

Our focus on broad diversification reduces the volatility of your portfolio, protecting you from huge swings in the value of your investments. It also prevents you from missing out the best stocks which could result in better overall returns.

Time in Market, Not Time the Market

Buying at the lowest price and selling at the highest is easier said than done. We encourage a “Time in the Market” strategy which often proves to be more rewarding over the long run than a market timing strategy,

Evidence-based Approach to Investing

Instead of relying on guesswork, we put your money into time-tested strategies that tilt towards dimensions of higher expected return, backed by award-winning research.

Face-to-Face Advisory Process

Sometimes, our emotions compel us to make rash and poor investment decisions. With MoneyOwl, you can put your mind at ease as our human advisors are always available to assuage your fears.

Keep Cost Low

We cannot control the market, but we can control the fees we pay to invest. Control the outcome of your investments by choosing our low-cost portfolios today. Learn more about our fees.

Invest With Whom

You Can Trust

Joint Venture between NTUC Enterprise and Providend

NTUC Enterprise has almost 5 decades of doing good and serving Singaporean’s needs and Providend with close to 2 decades of ethical and best-in-class financial planning expertise.

Nobel Prize-winning Research

Relying on Nobel prize-winning research to make smarter investment decisions. Nearly 4 decades of world-class yet low-cost investment solutions.

Read more on Dimensional.

It’s not the technology but who’s behind it

MoneyOwl is ISO27001 certified, which means your privacy is our priority. 


MoneyOwl is licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

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Top Questions People Ask Us

Is MoneyOwl a Robo-advisor?
Although we utilise online platforms to serve you more effectively, we do not consider ourselves a Robo-advisor. This is because we believe in the value of face-to-face interactions when it comes to investing and financial planning. Whether you are a seasoned investor, or you are investing for the very first time, our team of dedicated advisors will always be there to provide answers and talk you off the ledge during market fluctuations.
Why does MoneyOwl not choose Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs)?
  • To Avoid the “Hidden” Costs of ETFs

    As many ETFs are domiciled in the US, you may be subject to higher dividend withholding taxes compared to Dimensional funds which are domiciled in Ireland, as Ireland currently do not impose withholding tax for foreign investors.

  • No Fractional Shares

    ETFs can only be bought and owned on a per-share basis. However, when investing in ETFs, your investment amount may not be able to purchase a full share of the ETFs. This may result in a drag on your investment returns.

  • Currency Exposure For Bonds

    Many bond ETFs are not hedged back to Singapore dollars. This may add unnecessary volatility to your portfolio as the fluctuations of currency rates might be larger than the actual price movement of the bond ETF. This defeats the purpose of having fixed income in your portfolio which is meant to act as a stabiliser against price volatility.

What are the fees that I have to pay?

The total annual fees are as follows:

MoneyOwl Advisory Fees 0.50% – 0.60% p.a.*
*Or your special promotional rate
Platform Fees 0% p.a. (absorbed)
(Payable to iFAST)
Fund Expense Ratio (Est.) 0.28% to 0.32% p.a.
(Payable to Dimensional Fund Advisors)

Learn more about our fees.