The adventures of MoneyOwl & Smart Ass

A Journey To Wiser Financial Choices

Welcome to the exciting world of MoneyOwl and Smart Ass!

Join us for a series of entertaining and educational conversational stories to enhance your understanding of wealth and financial planning. In these stories, you’ll encounter Smart Ass, a donkey who fancies himself an expert in wealth management and soon discover invaluable lessons from MoneyOwl, a wise owl dedicated to helping everyday Singaporeans make informed decisions about their finances.

Through six engaging stories, we’ll share expert tips and advice that will empower you to make wiser financial choices. 

Let’s dive into the captivating world of MoneyOwl and Smart Ass and let the adventure begin!

Grab A Good Deal With WiseSaver

In this story, Smart Ass hears about MoneyOwl’s WiseSaver, a low-risk cash fund with competitive yields and no lock-in periods.  

Achieve Financial Fitness Across Every Key Area Of Your Life

Smart Ass arrogantly believed he possessed the wisdom when it comes to get-rich-quick scheme.

However, upon listening to MoneyOwl’s advice, he came to realisation that it would be prudent to obtain a holistic and comprehensive perspective first by exploring the all-in-one digital Comprehensive Financial Plan that integrates finances across every key area of his life.

Get The Protection You Need Without The Hard Selling

Smart Ass discovers the importance of insurance and comes to know of how MoneyOwl’s dedicated team of fully salaried Client Advisers offer unbiased advice and guidance. He learns that the advisers will prioritise his best interest, helping him to get as much protection as he needs while paying as little as he can. 

Invest Systematically With Strategies Backed By Nobel Prize-winning Economic Theory

MoneyOwl explains instead of chasing for bets, Smart Ass should invest systematically for the long-term and how investing Dimensional is a low-cost, globally diversified and evidence-based way to help him achieve financial stability and growth.

Regardless Of Age Or Wealth, Don’t Leave Behind A Mess!

MoneyOwl and Smart Ass delve into the topic on writing a will and how it is crucial to have a clear plan for distributing his assets so it is easier and less costly for his loved ones.

A Gift That Keeps Growing, Together With Your Child!

In this story, Smart Ass hears from MoneyOwl about starting a Joint Investment Account with his child instead of just buying a present. This account will be a more meaningful gift that continues to grow over time, providing financial support for his child’s future.