Young Working Adult Bundle

Specially designed for young adults (between 21 to 29 years old) who 
have just entered the workforce: are busy and are unsure of what insurance to buy.


You may have just started working and are wondering what kind of insurance you need. At MoneyOwl, we’ve made the decision easier with our carefully designed package for someone like you. These packages comprise products across insurers to suit different needs and budget.


Protection Plan

The purpose of buying insurance is to protect your family and you against the loss of income as well as huge medical cost due to life risks. With this bundle, you can be adequately covered with less than $6 a day.

Protection Against Key Life-Risks Deluxe Package
Death/Total and Permanent Disability $1,000,000
Early Critical Illness (CI) Covers 72 Early or Intermediate stage Critical Illnesses $100,000 per claim Up to a maximum claim of $900,000 for early, intermediate, severe and recurrent Critical Illness. (Maximum claim for early and severe CI is $600,000 and maximum claim for recurrent CI is $300,000)
Severe Stage Critical Illness Covers 60 Severe Stage Critical Illnesses such as major cancers, heart attacks and stroke $300,000 less claims made on early CI, if any
Recurrent Critical Illness Benefit  Covers 6 Recurrent Critical Illnesses including Major Cancer Re-diagnosed, Recurrent Heart Attack of Specified Severity and Recurrent Stroke with Permanent Neurological Deficit $150,000 per claim, up to 2 claims
Hospitalisation Covers to Private Hospital (5% co-payment)
The packages have term plans that cover you during your working years till age 65 and a hospital plan provides you lifetime coverage.
Monthly Premium^ $150 (Male) $154 (Female)
Estimated Total Rebate (first-year) $375 (Male) $389 (Female)

# Monthly premium is based on a 25-year-old person, premium for Term Plan based on discounted rates due to ongoing promotion and premium for Hospitalization benefit does not include amount that can be funded by CPF Medisave.

Young Working Adult Bundle Enquiry

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Please note that insurance policies T&Cs applies. Packages may not take into account your personal financial situation and particular needs. Speak to MoneyOwl’s client advisers if you require specific financial advice.
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