The Right People:

About MoneyOwl & Our Parentage

MoneyOwl’s Parentage

MoneyOwl is a joint venture between NTUC Enterprise Co-operative Limited and Providend Holding Private Limited.

NTUC Enterprise is the holding entity for the Labour Movement’s social enterprises which collectively serve more than 2 million customers. As a subsidiary of NTUC Enterprise, MoneyOwl’s social mission is to help working families make the best possible financial decisions, so that all Singaporeans can achieve greater financial security, better retirement adequacy and be empowered to live fulfilling lives.

Providend – Singapore’s first fee-only financial adviser

Providend is Singapore’s first fee-only financial adviser and well-known in the industry for its deep expertise in comprehensive financial planning and for championing ethical advice. Its principals are well-respected for their integrity and experience and have been called upon to serve on such committees as the CPF Advisory Panel and to support national financial literacy efforts.

With a strong parentage of Doing Good and Doing Right for Singapore and Singaporeans, further underpinned by best-in-class advisory expertise and deep experience, MoneyOwl is committed to delivering competent, conflict-free and comprehensive financial advice that integrates CPF and other national schemes to the mass market.

MoneyOwl is Singapore’s first Bionic Financial Adviser

MoneyOwl delivers this comprehensive financial advisory services through a combination of client advisers and a technology platform, a hybrid model known as Bionic Financial Advisory.

The comprehensive suite of services includes:

  • Insurance
  • Investments
  • Online Will Writing (Free)
  • Comprehensive Planning Integrating National Schemes

In each of these services, MoneyOwl will provide impartial financial advice. Instead of pushing expensive financial products that pay large commissions, MoneyOwl will recommend fit-for-purpose and cost-efficient solutions such as term insurance, market-based investment funds and national schemes.

The robo-advisory platform further promotes transparency and a “safe space” for people to analyse needs and explore the various service offerings. To ensure conflict-free advice, client advisers at MoneyOwl are fully salaried and do not receive
MoneyOwl has also conducted financial literacy training for Government Ministries, statutory boards, NTUC group, unions and MNCs.

MoneyOwl holds a Capital Markets Services licence from the MAS for fund management and is an Exempt Financial Adviser and Exempt Insurance Broker.

Our Commitment to Your Security – ISO27001 Certification

MoneyOwl understands your concerns about the security of your data. We are committed to protecting the information you have entrusted to us.

MoneyOwl is ISO27001 certified. The ISO27001 certification is a mark of recognition that a company has met the international standard for establishing, implementing, maintaining and continually improving its information security systems and processes.