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If you're still unconvinced by the benefits of buying term insurance, then this article might change your mind. 
5 Aug 2021

Term Life Insurance

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As much as we want to provide the best for our child and buying a life insurance policy is a long-term commitment, is best to ensure that you have done proper budgeting before committing to any plan.
31 Oct 2019


term plans Think-Twice-Before-You-Pay-Your-Next-Insurance-Premiums
You can have good coverage and save a lot more when you buy term insurance as compared to whole life. This is because term life is purely for coverage and has no investment element, which is the very purpose for insurance.
9 Feb 2019

Whole Life Insurance

There was a recent article that discussed when it was suitable to Buy Term and Invest the Rest (BTIR) and when to use Whole Life Insurance. Contrary to what many think, the purpose of buying term insurance is not so that one can invest the difference from the amount saved by buying a term instead of a whole...
31 Dec 2017

Term Life Insurance