When you are physically unwell

When you feel unwell, you have two options.

  1. You can either see a doctor; or
  2. You can self-medicate

In the first case, you are assured of the right diagnosis and are prescribed proper medication, follow-ups, and an MC.

In the second case, you would most likely take medicine to reduce the symptoms e.g. fever, cough, hoping that it would also heal you of the underlying issues. In most cases, water and plenty of rest usually does the trick…

But sometimes the root issues run deeper, and it is just too difficult or dangerous to figure it out on your own.

When you are financially unwell

This is the same when it comes to our financial health and investing. Instead of trying to fiddle around, work things out on your own and suffer the uncertainty of whether you are doing it right, get help from a financial doctor.

Your financial doctor, aka financial advisor, will offer you the following benefits:

benefits of having a trusted advisor in singapore

Choosing a financial advisor is one of the most important decisions you can make as it will determine your views about money and the journey you will take to achieve your life goals. So choose wisely!

This series is adapted from the book, 27 Principles Every Investor Should Know, written by Steven J. Atkinson. Read the rest of the principles:

Author: MoneyOwl’s Solutions Team

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