Shaping Your Financial Future: How Comprehensive Financial Planning Can Make Your Dreams a Reality 

Financial freedom is a tenuous process and requires years of preparation, hard work, and grit. However, it need not be difficult or complex, simply requiring consistency and discipline alongside the support of an empathetic and effective coach and guide. 
4 August 2023
Shaping your financial future

At MoneyOwl, we are in the business of helping clients to build a solid financial plan, much like a coach working with a runner to create a training schedule for a marathon. Our goal is to help you establish a strong foundation to achieve your life goals – whether reaching the finish line of early retirement, sprinting towards your dream home, or going the distance to give the best education possible for your children.  

Financial freedom is not easy to attain and often requires years of preparation, hard work and monitoring your progress. However, it need not be difficult or complex, simply requiring consistency and discipline alongside the support of an empathetic and effective coach and guide. 

Comprehensive Financial Planning comes in as the detailed course map for your financial marathon. Think of it as the health check-up before you head to the track for your first training session. MoneyOwl’s Comprehensive Financial Planning lets you create a personalised financial roadmap that considers all aspects of your life, pacing you through crucial areas such as optimising your savings growth, managing insurance needs, and preparing for the final sprint towards retirement.  

This holistic approach empowers you to take charge of your financial situation and run your own race, making it possible to attain both short-term and long-term life goals. Regardless of your current financial standing, our Comprehensive Financial Planning will help alleviate the stress related to money matters and allow you to embrace and enjoy the present. 

Just as a good running coach helps prepare you for the marathon ahead, MoneyOwl’s Comprehensive Financial Planning helps guide you towards your financial dreams. 

1. Boosts your retirement effort by integrating CPF savings into your financial plan 

Many Singaporeans may overlook CPF as part of his or her financial plan and feel that they are a long way off from their goal. However, when CPF is factored in properly, many will find that it forms a crucial foundation in one’s retirement plan. Just like how a coach incorporates strength training into a marathon plan to bolster your endurance for the long run. 

At MoneyOwl, we integrate national schemes into retirement planning in a holistic and sophisticated way. We use our proprietary CPF Analyser to project your potential CPF LIFE annuity payouts, taking into account your contributions and mortgage payments, as well as the other rules and limits within the CPF system. These CPF LIFE payouts will then form your Safe Retirement Income Floor, giving you peace of mind that your basic needs are provided for.  

2. Risk-proofs your journey by recommending the right amount of insurance you need 

You may have a clear understanding of your present situation and vision to your future aspirations. Nevertheless, unforeseen circumstances such as death, disability, or medical emergencies can disrupt your plans. 

It is crucial to have the appropriate insurance coverage that can replace your income in the event of inability to work and cover substantial medical expenses. This ensures that you and/or your family can swiftly regain a sense of normalcy, similar to a runner adjusting their strategy based on weather, injury, or any unforeseen circumstances. 

However, we believe that while crucial, insurance should not strain your budget. The Comprehensive Financial Planning report will help you assess if you have sufficient coverage, or otherwise, assist you to get fit-for-purpose and cost-effective insurance plans.    

3. Provides a realistic plan for the typical Singaporean 

Life begins today and not only in retirement. In the same way a marathon coach who designs a training plan based on a runner’s current fitness level rather than an ideal marathon timing, our Comprehensive Financial Planning projects your retirement income based on what you already have now, instead of asking you to forecast your future needs. This new way of financial planning gives you a more realistic grasp on how to balance your current finances with your future lifestyle. 

Think about it this way: if you were planning to run a 42km marathon, wouldn’t it be more realistic to have your coach design a customised training plan based on your current level of fitness, rather than base it on what an ideal marathon timing should be? 

If what we said struck a chord, it’s not too late to get started on your journey towards retirement! Enjoy a complimentary Comprehensive Financial Plan on us as part of our anniversary celebrations using promo code <MOVSRY> from 1 August to 31 August 2023. Ready, set, go towards your dream future now. 


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