medishield life

Changes to MediShield Life coverage for outpatient cancer drug treatments
Singaporeans will soon receive greater support for the cost of cancer treatment, but there are certain factors about your insurance planning you need to be mindful of.
3 Sep 2021

Critical Illness Insurance

Family together Medishield life
How will the recent changes to MediShield Life and Integrated Shield Plans affect you? Read this to find out more!
21 Apr 2021


premiums and claims: how the money flows
Understanding Integrated Shield Plan and why it is an important hospital insurance to those who want coverage higher than B2/C wards
8 Sep 2015

MediShield Life

financial support to make medishield life more affordable
Find out more about The new Medishield Life Premium on the various subsidies and modes of support, affordability, and coverage. 
4 Sep 2015


Find out more on the eligibility and benefits of Medishield Life that help address the basic healthcare needs of Singapore
3 Sep 2015