young millennial

This 11.11 we celebrate singlehood and share 6 empowering tips on how you can lead your best possible life!
11 Nov 2022

Financial Literacy

MoneyOwl_Blog_Young Millennial Comprehensive Financial Planning
When you’re young and have many goals competing for your attention, it can be hard to see the importance of financial planning – but this writer explains how he realised the value of having a sustainable plan in place. Have you heard of the term “impatience-za”? This is an affliction commonly seen in millennials –...
20 May 2022

Financial Literacy

MoneyOwl_Blog_Young Millennial_Investment Linked Policy
Investment-linked policies often get a bad rep but it's still a product that gets touted in the market, much to the chagrin of our young writer. 
1 Apr 2022


MoneyOwl_Blog_Young Millennial_Investment
If you are a newbie investor, the world of investing can be intimidating but the lessons learned over time are invaluable, as this young investor discovers. 
28 Jan 2022


working_lady planning financial goals
If you are a young adult struggling with how to manage your finances as you start your working journey, read this article! We share what pitfalls you need to look out for and how to mitigate your risk for a better life!
1 Feb 2019