Webinar: How To Thrive Financially In A Difficult Economic Environment

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While there are plenty of opportunities in every crisis, there are dangers as well. How can we avoid the dangers that are present in this current COVID-19 pandemic and capitalise on the opportunities this crisis presents?

In this webinar led by Christopher Tan, Executive Director of MoneyOwl, he will share with us on how we can navigate through this difficult economic environment and thrive.

Some topics covered in this webinar:

  1. Understanding and optimising your personal money equation
  2. Why you should not let short-term information affect your long-term decision
  3. How should you respond in the context of your current financial situation

Webinar Details

  1. Date: Wednesday, 29 April 2020
  2. Time: 7.30pm

This webinar will be streamed on MoneyOwl’s Facebook Page.

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