Webinar: Investing During Economic And Market Turmoil

30 March 2020

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With the recent market downturn fuelled by COVID-19 panic, how can one approach all these market movements without it affecting the journey of reaching our life goals?

Here we have our CEO & CIO, Chuin Ting Weber, and Dimensional Fund Advisor’s Senior Researcher & Vice-President, Dr Wei Dai, dive into the topic of investing during turbulent times.

Some topics covered in this webinar:

  1. 3 Ways Of Managing Risks In Turbulent Markets by Chuin Ting Weber
  2. Navigating Market Volatility: Dimensional’s Approach By Dr Wei Dai
  3. Q&A with Chuin Ting and Dr Wei Dai

Webinar Details

  1. Date: Monday, 30 March 2020
  2. Time: 7pm
  3. Webinar Link: FB Live


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