General Questions

Investment and Savings

In the event of death of the account holder, the following documents will have to be provided to us by the administrator or executor.
Deceased has no will

  • Letter of administration, death certificate and NRIC of the administrator.

Deceased has a will

  • Grant of probate, death certificate and NRIC of the executor.

These documents will be submitted to our custodian and the deceased personal investment account will turn into the estate account of the deceased.

Our custodian will then take the instruction of the administrator or the executor. The proceeds from the estate account of the deceased can only be redeem into the estate bank account. Alternatively, the administrator or executor can choose to create their own personal investment account and transfer the estate investment account holdings into the new investment account.

Investment and Savings

On fund holidays, Dimensional and/or Fullerton Funds will not be priced. Transactions on a non-valuation day will be processed the following business day. For a full list of dates please see Dimensional Fund Holidays 2023, Fullerton Fund Holidays and Dividend Schedule 2023CPF Portfolios Fund Holidays 2023.

Investment and Savings

Outstanding fees on a pro-rated basis apply and will be deducted prior to redemption, if you choose to redeem all your portfolio holdings.

Investment and Savings

As with most unit trusts, buy and sell orders for the funds making up the portfolio are transacted at end-of-day prices. The exact price at which you will transact is therefore not known at the point of your placing an order. The price of the fund that you see on screen is from the previous one or two business days before, depending on the fund, not the actual price at which you will transact. The actual price at which you will transact will only be known one or two business days later.

For example

You redeem $100 of the portfolio (T day). The indicative price of one of the portfolio’s underlying funds, Fund A, is $1 on T day. Based on this indicative price, you will redeem $100 / $1 = 100 units. The actual price of the fund at the end of T day is $1.01. This price is only reflected on T+1 day. You will transact at $1.01 and your redemption proceeds will be $1.01 x 100 = $101.

Investment and Savings

Yes, you are required to open a new iFAST account if you wish to start your MoneyOwl Investment Account.

Investment and Savings

Under DFA’s books, your assets are in IFAST’s name and they are held under IFAST’s Client Trust account, separate from IFAST’s own assets. Under IFAST’s records, however, the assets are all held in your individual name.

This is similar to purchasing unit trusts through a bank, all the funds are held under the bank’s name while the bank keeps a record of your holdings.

In the unlikely event that IFAST ceases to operate, all the assets will either be transferred to another distributor or fully redeemed and returned to investor.

Investment and Savings

All investors’ money are protected and held in a trust account under our custodian’s iFAST Financial Pte Ltd – Client Trust, which are subjected to MAS regulations. In the unlikely event that iFAST ceases operations, your investment holdings held will either be returned to the investors or transferred to another agent of your choice. iFAST has the responsibility to ensure that all liabilities and obligations to all clients have been fully discharged or provided for, and that proper arrangements have been put in place.

Investment and Savings

iFAST Financial Pte Ltd provides custodial and transfer agent services to MoneyOwl. Please refer to https://eservices.mas.gov.sg/fid for full details of their licence.


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