Getting Started - Comprehensive


No, there is no requirement.

Typically, in a Comprehensive Financial Planning report, there will be a recommended action plan for you to meet your financial goals like retirement and children’s education funding or close any protection gap. It will be beneficial for you to discuss these recommendations and, if necessary, customise it further accordingly to your priority and budget.


Your Comprehensive Financial Planning report will be locked after you submit your inputs so that the system can generate your report for you. Should you wish to unlock it to revise your inputs, please contact your Client Adviser or drop an email to enquiries@moneyowl.com.sg. You can generate as many versions of the report as you want so long as it is based on your personal particulars.


MoneyOwl Comprehensive Financial Planning benefits you with a holistic view of your financial situation and goals and a roadmap to achieve it, through the efficiency and convenience of technology and the competency and empathy of a trusted human adviser.

Step 1: Create a MoneyOwl account

Step 2: Guided factfinding journey (about 20mins)

  • Provide information on personal profile, finances, insurance needs, children education and retirement aspirations.
  • If you need more time to gather information, you can always save and come back again.

Step 3: Submit your inputs and make payment for Comprehensive Financial Planning fee

  • After submission and payment, a customised Comprehensive Financial Planning report will be prepared and emailed to you within 3 business days by your assigned Client Adviser. Your Client Adviser may also contact you to clarify your inputs. The report includes:

  1. Your Cashflow statement
  2. Net Worth Statement
  3. Financial Health Check
  4. Analysis of insurance needs and gaps
  5. Analysis of your provision for child’s education funding (if applicable)
  6. Analysis of your retirement income at your desired retirement age and throughout retirement period
  7. Scenarios of how your retirement can improve by increasing funding, moderating children’s education funding (if applicable) or delaying retirement
  8. Analysis and recommendation from MoneyOwl’s proprietary CPF Analyser Tool for in-depth understanding on how you can optimise your CPF for your retirement funding.
  9. Summary of Action Plan
  10. Specific recommendation for insurance to close gap
  11. Specific recommendation for investment to close gap

Step 4: Consultation session with our Client Adviser at our office (23 Keong Saik Road, S089130).

This should typically take about 2 hours. In this session, your Client Adviser will clarify any questions you may have on your Comprehensive Financial Planning report, highlight areas you should pay attention to, and recommend an action plan to kickstart your journey to achieve your goals.

Step 5: Implementation of action plan when you are ready to begin.