Who Is Eligible?


We designed this will-writing service to be hassle-free to benefit as many people as possible. As most people do not have overseas assets and their distribution wishes are relatively simple, the simple will offered by MoneyOwl may be sufficient for you. If you have the following needs, you may wish to seek legal advice:

  • Muslim wills. Muslim wills must adhere to Faraid guidelines. Unfortunately, we are not able to provide this service.
  • If you want to give a combination of fixed amounts and percentages. For example, if you have $100,000 of assets and wish to give a fixed amount of $40,000 to your mother and the residual assets ($60,000) to be divided among your siblings by proportion.
  • If you want to give away specific assets to a particular beneficiary and your other assets to be divided among your other beneficiaries. For example, you have $100,000 of assets and a house and wish to give away your house to your father and the $100,000 assets to be divided among your siblings.
  • If your needs are more complex. For example, if you wish to distribute your estate primarily to your spouse and children, but in the event where the entire family passes on in a common disaster, you might want to re-distribute your estate wishes.
  • If you are translating this website for a person who does not understand English, please note that the person is unable to use our will-writing service. This is because, in addition to the will having to be interpreted for the person in a language that he understands, the sign-off portion where he and the witnesses sign off needs to be amended to state that the content of the will had been explained in his language and that he fully understands the content of the will. We are not able to make such amendments and any handwritten amendment could make the will null and void.

In MoneyOwl’s will-writing process, we will guide you in identifying your beneficiaries and the proportion of estate you intend to distribute, as well as guardians (if you have a young child), executors and trustees. For more advanced needs, you may wish to seek legal advice.


You need to be at least 21 years old and of sound mind to write a will. There is no need for your will to be drafted, approved or witnessed by a lawyer as long as your will fulfils the legal requirements. To be of a sound mind or have the testamentary capacity:

  1. You should understand the nature of the act and what the consequences are;
  2. You know and approve the contents of the will, nature and extent of properties;
  3. You know who your beneficiaries are and can appreciate their claims on your properties; and
  4. You are free from an abnormal state of mind that might distort feelings or judgements relevant to making the will.