WiseSaver Portfolio

Investment and Savings

You will need to do the following:

  1. Redeem your WiseSaver into your WiseSaver cash account.
  2. Create an investment portfolio if you do not have an existing one.
  3. Go into your WiseSaver portfolio and click “Transfer” under More button to transfer the money from your WiseSaver cash account to your MoneyOwl investment cash account.

Investment and Savings

It will typically take 1 – 2 business days to withdraw your funds from WiseSaver depending on whether you have chosen to receive the proceeds in your WiseSaver cash account or directly into your bank account.

WiseSaver Cash Account Bank Account
No. of business days from receipt of instruction* 1 2

*Instructions received after 3pm will be processed the next business day.

Investment and Savings

The underlying instrument is Fullerton SGD Cash Fund which is managed by Fullerton Fund Management. Since 2009, the fund holds its assets primarily in Singapore Dollar Deposits (varying terms of maturity not more than 366 working days) with eligible local financial institutions.

Fullerton Fund Management (“Fullerton”) is an Asia-based investment specialist, with capabilities that span equities, fixed income, multi-asset, treasury management and alternatives, including private equity. The firm was incorporated in Singapore in 2003 and is a subsidiary of Temasek. NTUC Income, a leading Singapore insurer, became its minority shareholder in 2018.

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Investment and Savings

Yes. For as low as $10/month, you can be on your way to developing a positive savings habit.

Investment and Savings

Anyone! This is an alternative savings solution for you to park your liquid funds and receive higher returns than normal bank deposit rates.

However, if you have already set aside 6 months of emergency cash, and have an investment time horizon of more than 3 years, we recommend investing through our MoneyOwl portfolios instead for higher expected returns.

Investment and Savings

There is no lock-in period for MoneyOwl WiseSaver.

Investment and Savings

The minimum amount to save in MoneyOwl WiseSaver is $10 for one-time saving and monthly regular savings plan (RSP).

Investment and Savings

There is a fund level fee of 0.15% p.a., which is factored into the price of each unit, paid directly to Fullerton Fund Management. There are no other fees beyond this.

Investment and Savings

There is no guarantee of the capital amount. However, as the underlying instrument is a cash fund which places your money predominantly in fixed deposits of local financial institutions with a minimum short-term rating of F2 by Fitch, P-2 by Moody’s, or A-2 by S&P, it is very unlikely that you will experience any capital loss.

Your returns depend on the weighted average gross yield of the underlying deposits, which may fluctuate as market and economic conditions change.

Your savings earn interest on a daily basis net of fees based on the current weighted average gross yield published.

MoneyOwl to Wind Down Financial Advisory Business by End-2023

MoneyOwl announced on August 31, 2023, that it is winding down its financial advisory business and that all commercial activities will cease by December 31, 2023.

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