Investment and Savings

As dividends are declared and paid out from the Net Asset Value of the fund, the price of the fund is expected to drop correspondingly by the amount of dividends declared immediately after the Record Date (i.e. dividend declaration date). This is normal behaviour and it does not mean that you have sustained a loss on your investments.

For example, if the fund price is $10 per unit and it declares a dividend rate of $1 per unit, then the fund price will drop to $9, all else equals.

If you have chosen to reinvest your dividends, these dividends will be used to buy additional units into WiseIncome within 14 business days from the Record Date. In doing so, your portfolio value will increase by these additional units purchased.

If you have chosen to receive your dividends in cash, the amount will be credited into your cash account on the first business day of Aug, Nov, Feb and May respectively. The sum of these dividends received over time will be factored when calculating the total returns of your portfolio.

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