Life Stages

Get empowered with financial guidance for your unique needs, at every phase of life.

Notice: MoneyOwl is winding down its financial advisory business and all commercial activities will cease by December 31, 2023. For more information, please visit our microsite here.

Journey Through Life With Peace of Mind

Money management can be intimidating if you’re unsure of where to start and what to expect. What type of insurance coverage do you need for your children? Should you invest your savings?

At MoneyOwl, we tailor our advice for key stages of your life so you can make wise financial choices that meet the needs of you and your loved ones.

Navigate Life With Wise Financial Advice From MoneyOwl

We are on-hand to support you with our competent team of client advisers and comprehensive suite of financial solutions. Get sound and reliable advice you can trust, and start protecting your financial well-being today.

Life Stages

Choose the life stage that best describes your current situation to explore suitable financial solutions.


For students and young adults in the early phase of financial independence. Learn how to start saving, make education loan repayments and pay for the cost of further education.

Working With No Dependents

For working adults with no financial responsibility for children or other relatives. Take steps to support your lifestyle, prepare for health expenses and start setting retirement goals.

Supporting Your Family

For those seeking financial security for their growing household. Protect your family’s well-being, save for your children’s education and prepare a promising future for your loved ones.

Retired/Planning for Retirement

For pre-retirees and those planning for financial comfort in their golden years. Invest in the right tools to guarantee financial security and stability in your old age.

Make Confident Choices for Your Financial Well-Being With MoneyOwl

Achieve financial security with the right insurance, investment and planning solutions.

Start Planning

Make holistic financial choices to ensure a lifetime of security.

Start Insuring

Get the coverage you need to protect you and your loved ones.

Start Investing

Make the most of your savings with reliable long-term returns.