Retired/Planning for Retirement

Prepare for your golden years by making the right financial choices today.

Secure a Worry-Free and Comfortable Retirement

Declining health, inability to sustain your current lifestyle and outliving your resources in retirement are real fears for many Singaporeans. Fortunately, you can mitigate these fears with the right financial tools that provide you with a reliable income stream and medical coverage throughout your golden years. With sound advice from MoneyOwl’s dedicated team of client advisers, you can have peace of mind about your retirement.

Recommended Insurance Products for You

Shield yourself from life's unexpected challenges – here are the key insurance plans to ensure you're well-covered.

Long-Term Care

Secure funds to cover costs of nursing homes, care centres and other aid in the case of severe disability.


Reduce medical fees with coverage for surgery or hospitalisation.

Retirement Income

Build a reliable source of income for your retirement years.

Recommended Investment Products for You

Give your retirement savings a boost with wise investment solutions.


Invest in low-cost, globally diversified funds tailored to your goals and risk appetite.


Park spare cash to generate consistent, low-risk returns with liquidity and flexibility.


Invest into customised portfolios to enjoy steady long-term returns.

Comprehensive Financial Planning

Take advantage of MoneyOwl’s holistic financial roadmap that will equip you to meet your financial goals and needs for years to come.

Customised & Unbiased

Our advisers will assess your financial situation to craft a personalised plan, designed to help you meet your life goals or desired retirement lifestyle. It will also help you figure out how to allocate resources and plan for your children's needs.

CPF LIFE Payout Projections

With our proprietary CPF Analyser, we are able to generate a financial plan that incorporates your CPF savings and predict your future income.

Affordable Instruments

We recommend low-cost and highly reliable financial tools to make the most of your customised financial plan.


Take advantage of current promotions.

Receive up to 3% premium cashback for Qualifying Singlife Life Insurance Plans


Protect yourself and your loved ones against life’s eventualities


For essential protection for your family


Start saving with attractive discounts!


30% Perpetual Premium Discount for Singlife Elite Term


MoneyOwl’s Insights Into Financial Planning

Explore our guides and resources on effective money management that will prepare you to thrive in your golden years.

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