Make holistic financial choices to ensure a lifetime of security.

Why Plan?

Financial empowerment doesn’t happen by accident – every stage of money management takes careful preparation and forethought.

Having a solid financial plan in place will help you create a stable foundation for achieving your life goals and making your aspirations a reality.

MoneyOwl offers a range of financial planning services to give you the right money management tools.

Comprehensive Financial Planning (CFP)

Design a holistic plan that addresses key areas in your life, allowing you to take control of your financial situation and make your short- and long-term life goals achievable.

Will Writing

Plan your legacy and draw up a legally-binding will on our convenient and easy-to-use online platform.

Life Stages

Get a comprehensive overview of the recommended financial tools available to you at key phases in your life.


For students and young adults in the early phase of financial independence.

Working With No Dependents

For working adults with no financial responsibility for children or other relatives.

Supporting Your

For those seeking financial security for their growing household.

Retired/Planning for Retirement

For pre-retirees or those looking to secure stable income in their golden years.

Learn More About Planning Your Finances

Explore articles on financial planning across the different life stages.

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When you’re young and have many goals competing for your attention, it can be hard to see the importance of financial planning – but this writer explains how he realised the value of having a sustainable plan in place. Have you heard of the term “impatience-za”? This is an affliction commonly seen in millennials –...
20 May 2022

Financial Literacy

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Do men and women require a different approach when it comes to financial planning? MoneyOwl's CEO and CIO weighs in.
6 May 2022

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Each different stage of life requires a different set of needs to be financially stable and security We've broken down what you'll need at each different period.
14 Jan 2022

Financial Literacy

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