Insurance Promotions

Enjoy up to 40% off first-year premium!

Enjoy great value on your insurance plan

Enjoy up to 40% off first-year premium

Enjoy great value on your insurance plan

To qualify for the premium discount, you have to sign up for the product now until 30 June 2022 and issued by the deadline.

Eligible Plans Applicable discounts
First-year annual premium All subsequent annual premiums (2nd year onwards)
FWD Future First (10-year renewable term)
+ Any optional add-on rider
40% 20%
FWD Future First (Policy term to age 100)
+ Any option add-on rider
30% 10%
FWD Future First (for all other terms)
+ Any optional add-on rider
30% on all riders
20% on base term plan
10% (riders)
FWD Recover First and Future First (all other policy terms)
without any riders
20% N.A

Optional add-on riders for FWD plans

Base Plans Optional add-on riders)
FWD Future First FWD Critical Illness rider
FWD Total & Permanent Disability Rider
FWD Total Critical Illness rider
FWD Critical Illness Premium Waiver Rider
FWD Payer Premium Waiver rider
FWD Recover First N.A
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Terms & Conditions:
  1. This Promotion is applicable to Eligible Plans with any mode of premium payment selected (monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual) and discounts offered under this Promotion will be applied on top of any existing campaigns or promotions, unless otherwise specified
  2. All applications for an Eligible Plan must be submitted through our distributors and received by FWD during the Promotional Period, and must be incepted on or before 30 June 2022.
  3. In the event that the Eligible Plan(s) is/are for any reason whatsoever not successfully effected, cancelled (whether by you or FWD) or rejected within the applicable free-look period or within 24 months after the Promotional Period, whichever is the later, FWD reserves the right to recover the monetary value equivalent of the discount amount from you. Please refer to the policy contract of the respective insurance plans for full details on cancellation of your policy during or after the free-look period.