Financial Literacy Webinars for NUH staff

Miss our webinar earlier? Download the recordings here

Session 1:
Understanding Comprehensive Financial Planning

Topics Include:

  • Initiating your financial planning journey
  • Gaining insights into your Comprehensive Financial Planning report

Session 2:
Making Sense of CPF Schemes

Topics Include:

  • Purpose of CPF
  • What happens to our CPF at age 55 and 65
  • How to optimise our CPF savings

Session 3:
The Reality of Retirement

Topics Include:

  • Retiree’s 3 risks and impact on retirement
  • Is CPF enough for retirement?
  • How to project your future retirement income?

Session 4:
Estate Planning and Will Writing

Topics Include:

  • What happens upon death
  • Why write a will
  • Estate not covered by a will