The wise and safe place for your cash savings

Enjoy higher daily interest with no lock-in

The wise and safe place for your savings

Enjoy higher daily interest with no lock-in

Current rate: 2.27% p.a. (5-day Moving Average as of 12 August 2022)

This rate is the gross indicative yield of the underlying cash fund, which may fluctuate as market and economic conditions change. We will update this rate periodically as the yield changes.



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All The Things You Get

Higher Returns Than Retail Deposits

No more worries about having to find the next better fixed deposit to move your savings to. The fund has a track record of cash strategy that works to get you one of the best rates.

Expect Low To No Risk

Your savings will be deposited mainly in Singapore Dollars offered by local financial institutions with short-term investment grade ratings.

Liquidity With No Lock-in Period

Withdraw your savings anytime with no minimum lock-in period. Your returns will be computed based on the price you redeem your units at and returned to your bank account within 2 business days.

No Sales Charge, Advisory Or Platform fee

We keep costs low so that every dollar saved generates optimal returns for you. This excludes fund-level fees of 0.15% p.a. charged by the underlying fund manager.

Start Saving From As Little As $10

You earn higher interest on every dollar saved with no strings attached.

Professionally Managed Cash Solutions By Fullerton Fund Management (Temasek-Owned)

Have a peace of mind knowing that you are saving in one of Singapore’s largest cash fund used by companies and institutions for their cash management.
How It Works

Indicate How Much You Want To Save

You can start saving from as little as $10 per month using either cash.


Set up your MoneyOwl Account

Use SingPass for a fuss-free process or simply log in if you already have an existing account.


Transfer the Amount To Be Funded

If you are starting a regular savings plan, set up a recurring fund transfer to avoid the hassle of doing so every month.

Key Features

Higher Returns With Flexibility & Liquidity

With MoneyOwl WiseSaver, a fund which invests in Singapore Dollar bank deposits, you now have an alternative to earn higher returns, while maintaining the flexibility and liquidity to withdraw your funds whenever you need them.

When you save with MoneyOwl WiseSaver, it is like placing your funds in SGD fixed deposits which gets rolled over and over automatically until you need the money. It certainly takes the fuss out of finding the best fixed deposit rates in the market and only earning the interest when they mature.

It is the perfect place for you to park your spare cash, including your emergency or rainy day fund, as well as the “dry powder” that we encourage our clients to set aside for investing when markets go on sale. You can also easily set up WiseSaver as your monthly savings account to ‘pay yourself first’ as a good budgeting discipline.

Save Confidently and Put Your Cash To Work

Benchmark: Singapore Dollar Savings Deposit Rates
Source: Fullerton Fund Management Company
Figures are accurate as of 30th September 2020
Alternatively, if you are looking to grow your wealth for the long-term, explore our MoneyOwl portfolios. They are backed by Nobel Prize winning investment strategies, coupled with more than 20 years of deep expertise in comprehensive financial planning, to give you the best probability of a successful investment experience.

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Top Questions People Ask Us

Are my capital and returns guaranteed?
There is no guarantee of the capital amount. However, as the underlying instrument is a cash fund which places your money predominantly in fixed deposits of local financial institutions with a minimum short-term rating of F2 by Fitch, P-2 by Moody’s, or A-2 by S&P, it is very unlikely that you will experience any capital loss.

Your returns depend on the weighted average gross yield of the underlying deposits, which may fluctuate as market and economic conditions change.

Your savings earn interest on a daily basis net of fees based on the current weighted average gross yield published.

What fees do I pay?
There is a fund level fee of 0.15% p.a., which is factored into the price of each unit, paid directly to Fullerton Fund Management. There are no other fees beyond this.
What is the minimum amount to save in MoneyOwl WiseSaver?

The minimum amount to save in MoneyOwl WiseSaver is $10 for one-time saving and monthly regular savings plan (RSP).

Will there be any lock-in period?
There is no lock-in period for MoneyOwl WiseSaver.
Who is suitable to save in MoneyOwl WiseSaver?
Anyone! This is an alternative savings solution for you to park your liquid funds and receive higher returns than normal bank deposit rates.

However, if you have already set aside 6 months of emergency cash, and have an investment time horizon of more than 3 years, we recommend investing through our MoneyOwl portfolios instead for higher expected returns.