Investment and Savings

  1. Visit our “Investment page”  to discover which portfolio is suitable for you.
  2. Create your MoneyOwl Investment Account with Myinfo or enter your personal details manually. You are required to upload the following documents if you choose not to use MyInfo:
  • NRIC/ Passport
  • Proof of residential address if applicable (g. bank statement or utility bill within 3 months old)
  1. After logging in to your MoneyOwl Account, click on Start Investing under the Investment & Savings Card and follow the on-screen instructions.
  2. Once your Investment Account is approved, you can start investing
  • Transfer monies into your Investment Cash Account to start investing
  • For SRS investments: Please ensure there are sufficient monies in your SRS Agent Bank as your buy order will be triggered immediately.
  • For CPF OA investments: Please ensure there are sufficient monies in your CPF Ordinary Account for the buy order.

Do note that there will be a charge of $5+GST by your Agent bank if there were insufficient funds in your CPF OA to process the buy order. We recommend leaving a buffer of $30 of your CPF Investible Amount for the deduction of any agent bank fees.

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