Investment and Savings

Your actual quarterly payout will be based on the dividend per unit (DPU) declared by the fund on record date. The amount that will be credited to your cash account is the DPU x the number of units of WiseIncome held on record date.

If you would like to estimate your quarterly payout amount, multiply 1.125% (4.5% divided by 4)or 2% (8% divided by 4) by your current portfolio value. Do note that your payout amount is based on a percentage of your net asset value or portfolio value and not capital invested.

For example, if you had invested $100,000 in WiseIncome and chose the 4.5% p.a.* payout option, if your portfolio value had not moved at the end of one quarter, your estimated payout amount will be 1.125% x $100,000 = $1,125.

If your portfolio value had increased to $110,000 instead, your payout will be more, i.e. 1.125% x $110,000 = $1237.50. On the other hand, if the portfolio value went down to $90,000, you will get 1.125% x $90,000 = $1012.50.

The portfolio value is not guaranteed as all investments come with risk. However, if you have a time horizon of at least 8 years, you can be reasonably confident of being able to preserve value.

*While the fund manager intends to distribute 4.5% p.a. payout for the R share class, the fund manager has the discretion to deviate from this including reducing payout to achieve sustainability of the fund in the interest of unit holders, or alternately, paying a higher rate of up to 4.8% p.a. in some years.

Please refer to Fund Prospectus or Product Highlights Sheet for more information.

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