Investment and Savings

While Insurance Retirement income plans and Wiseincome are both designed to meet your retirement needs through distributing regular payouts, there are some advantages of using WiseIncome over Insurance Retirement Income plans to supplement your retirement income.

WiseIncome has no lock-in period and does not impose charges for early withdrawal. With WiseIncome, there is no need to pay for additional costs related to insurance coverage and this savings will result in higher returns in the long run.

However, Insurance Retirement Income plans could be suitable for those who are looking for insurance coverage and for those who want some level of guarantees in their payouts.

To determine which solution would be more suitable for you, please reach out to your MoneyOwl Client Adviser who will be able to give you an objective recommendation. All MoneyOwl Client Advisers are fully salaried and do not receive any product commissions and you can rest assured that your assigned adviser will only act in your best interest.

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