Investment and Savings

The fees payable are listed below:

  • Annual advisory fee to MoneyOwl which will be deducted from units every quarter (pro-rated by days invested).
  • Annual fund-level expenses comprising an annual management fee to Fullerton Fund Management and other expenses, reflected in the Total Expense Ratio.

These fund level expenses are not deducted from units but are implicit; their impact is incorporated into the NAV of the fund and reflected in fund performance. WiseIncome has one of the lowest expenses among multi-asset unit trusts in Singapore. Apart from this, there are no further charges. There is no sales charge for investing in WiseIncome and no redemption charges. The fund does not pay any trailer commissions or retrocessions to MoneyOwl. Furthermore, MoneyOwl will absorb the platform fee charged by iFast Financial Services, which provides custodial and platform services.

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