Investment and Savings

There are three portfolios available for CPF investing based on your risk appetite. The portfolios have different strategic asset allocation across the equity and bond fund. Our CPF portfolios are made up of two underlying funds, namely

  1. Equity: LionGlobal Infinity Global Stock Index Fund Share Class C
  2. Fixed Income: UOBAM United SGD Fund Share Class D

We have chosen these two funds for our CPF portfolios as they combine well to help you achieve the best probability of a successful investment experience, according to your risk, ability and willingness to take risk. We know from decades of data that “active” fund management has had a poor record in equity markets. A much more reliable way to capture equity returns is to invest passively or systematically in a globally diversified, market-based fund, and to combine this with a bond portfolio where there is a need to dampen portfolio volatility.

LionGlobal Infinity Global Stock Index Fund fits the criteria of a globally diversified indexed equity fund which offers market-based long term average returns. This unit trust “wraps” a passively managed Vanguard Global Stock Index Fund. It tracks closely to the MSCI World Index, investing in more than 1,500 large and mid-sized company stocks in developed markets.

The United SGD Fund invests substantially all its assets in global money market and short- term interest-bearing debt instruments with the objective of achieving a yield enhancement over the Singapore dollar deposits. As your CPF monies is already invested substantially in the Singapore government, MoneyOwl has chosen a low-risk, global bond fund instead, for diversification, with a long-term expected return at least similar to that of the CPF OA. The United SGD Fund has a good track record in terms of return versus risk among its peers in CPFIS and has  a long history, substantial assets and a low TER for its Share Class D.

The two funds’ CPF share classes were co-created by MoneyOwl and the fund managers.

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