Investment and Savings

There are three basic needs in retirement – a fully paid roof over your head, medical insurance to pay for your healthcare costs and a stream of lifelong income for your living expenses. In Singapore, most of us can depend on CPF LIFE to provide us with a stream of income of up to $2,000 per month in today’s dollar for life.

For those who need a higher level of income, WiseIncome was specially designed to provide a regular income stream to supplement your CPF LIFE payouts.

In addition, depending on your choice of the three payout options available, WiseIncome helps you to achieve a balance between asset growth, income generation and capital preservation for your loved ones.

  • You can choose to grow and reinvest your payouts to accumulate your wealth through the underlying assets which include global equities, Asian bonds, S-REITs and Singapore Government Securities (SGS).
  • You can also choose to start receiving a quarterly dividend of about 4.5%* p.a. of your portfolio value while preserving your capital as much as possible.
  • If maximising your dividend is what you want, choose to receive a fixed 8% p.a. of your portfolio value. This option however may result in withdrawing from your capital which will reduce your portfolio value over time.

What’s more, if you come across a sudden emergency that requires a large sum of money, you can also withdraw your investments partially with no lock-in period or penalties.

*While the fund manager intends to distribute 4.5% p.a. payout for the R share class, the fund manager has the discretion to deviate from this including reducing payout to achieve sustainability of the fund in the interest of unit holders, or alternately, paying a higher rate of up to 4.8% p.a. in some years.

Please refer to Fund Prospectus or Product Highlights Sheet for more information.

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