Investment and Savings

WiseIncome was designed to complement your CPF LIFE payouts by providing you a stream of stable and sustainable quarterly payouts, so that you can enjoy your golden years with meaning and purpose.

With WiseIncome, you can:

Invest with whom you can trust

A solution put together by Fullerton Fund Management, a Temasek subsidiary, and MoneyOwl, an NTUC social enterprise, two strong Singapore companies with a deep heritage of care, expertise and stability.

Earn from broad sources of returns

As a multi-asset fund, WiseIncome provides income payouts and potential capital appreciation from broad sources of returns such as global equities, Asian bonds, S-REITs and US/Singapore government bonds which are triple-A rated for added stability.

Vary payouts according to your needs

You have the flexibility to choose from three payout options to suit your needs at different stages of your life. Choose to either reinvest your dividends to grow your nest egg or start to receive passive income today at one of two payout levels available.

Enjoy one of the lowest fund expenses

WiseIncome has a very competitive fee structure among similar funds in the market. It has one of the lowest fund level expenses, no sales charge and no hidden trailer commissions. Thus, for every 1% p.a. you can save in fees through WiseIncome is 1% p.a. more in returns for you!

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