Investment and Savings

  1. With MoneyOwl, you can now invest your CPF, SRS and cash all in one place, digitally.
  2. As with all our services, we keep costs among the lowest in a structural and sustainable way.
    • Besides charging no sales charge, MoneyOwl has co-created first-ever adviser trailer commission-free share classes for our CPF portfolios, which structurally lowers your costs by eliminating a huge portion of investing costs.
    • There is also no hassle in dealing with fee rebates or trying to reconcile performance with rebates received, or being subject to another advisory firm’s business strategy.
    • For 2022, we have further waived the advisory fee so that you can invest at even lower cost.
  3. MoneyOwl has designed simple, no-frills and robust portfolios that deliver reliability in outcomes. We simplify and rigorously curate the best solutions for the purpose in mind, using a sound and consistent investment philosophy based on financial science, and avoid multiplying options through packaging and frills that cause confusion and increase costs. A comparison of the last 10 years’ performance across other digital CPFIS portfolios show that our simple, globally diversified portfolio with a pure passive equities solution have achieved similar, if not better, performance compared to portfolios with 6-7 funds. While past performance is not indicative of future performance, it demonstrates that simplicity can be better than variety.
  4. We give you holistic and honest advice on CPF and planning as a whole, on which we are true experts – not just on CPF investments, but on the whole system. This means that we will not hesitate to advise you not to invest your CPF if you are better off leaving it in your CPF OA, as we have a holistic view. We also help you make sense of your options alongside other planning solutions, such as insurance.
  5. We are a bionic financial planner, meaning we provide access to a large team of salaried advisers and investment professionals, on top of the robo.
  6. Finally, financial planning is for the long haul. MoneyOwl, being not just a start-up but an NTUC social enterprise, is here to stay and journey with you and all Singaporeans. Even as you are concerned about growing your CPF now, you would have to review and adjust your plans along the way, and eventually plan for a good way of withdrawal. This is where a trusted, low-cost, comprehensive and home-grown adviser like MoneyOwl can come alongside you to provide the most suitable advice.

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