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Our Investment Philosophy

We believe that investment is not an end in itself – a sound investment strategy supports your overall financial plan and contributes to the realisation of your life goals. This is why we only offer fit-for-purpose solutions that rely on time-honoured investment strategies.

We’ll provide you with a selection of well-researched and globally diversified portfolios, with guaranteed security in all transactions. As an NTUC social enterprise, we’re also dedicated to your holistic well-being. Our client advisers are always available to discuss the best investment choices for your unique circumstances.

Investment Solutions

Explore the portfolio options that best suit your investment goals.


Enjoy long-term capital growth by harnessing the power of markets through evidence-based portfolios.


Park your spare cash in a savings fund that offers a higher interest rate than fixed deposits, offering liquidity with no lock-in period.


Receive a stream of passive income for the long term, with potential capital appreciation.

Invest With CPF, Cash or SRS

Learn more about the investment methods you can take advantage of with MoneyOwl.

Invest With CPF

Use a portion of your Ordinary Account funds to generate extra income for your retirement.

Invest With Cash

Make the best of your extra cash with carefully selected portfolios that yield reliable returns.

Invest With SRS

Save on tax and fortify your retirement savings by making investments with the money in your Supplementary Retirement Scheme (SRS) account.


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MoneyOwl Promotions

Invest and grow your savings with MoneyOwl! As an NTUC Union Member, starting from 1 May 2022, you get 5% OFF public advisory fee on Dimensional and WiseIncome portfolios.

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Learn More About Investing

Gain a better understanding of investment with tips and resources from MoneyOwl.

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Financial Planning

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