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Rising inflation does not mean you need to give up on investing and growing your money. Here's why. 
12 Aug 2022


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The current market downturn may be unsettling but history has shown us time and again that being disciplined to stay in the market is more likely to reap the rewards you’re after.
17 Jun 2022

CIO Letter

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Where do we find a high probability of acceptable returns? In market-based investment portfolios held into the long term. Find out more on why we should make investment a habit and stay long term.
11 Feb 2022


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Start 2022 on the right note by ensuring you get your finances in shape. 
29 Dec 2021

Financial Literacy

Interested in signing up for a joint investment account? Find out why MoneyOwl's Head of Solutions has five! 
29 Oct 2021


MoneyOwl’s One-Year Outperformance Over Roboadvisers
When InvestmentMoats recently published the annual returns of various roboadvisers he invested with – including MoneyOwl – it sparked plenty of heated discussions online. MoneyOwl CEO Chuin Ting Weber weighs in. 
24 Aug 2021


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Press Release by MoneyOwl, 31 March 2021
31 Mar 2021

Press Releases

Asian child is holding red packets and Chinese calligraphy word of 'Ji xiang ru yi' meaning have one's wish fulfilled, isolated on white background, Chinese new year concept
Find out why during Chinese New Year is a great time to invest in our children’s ang paos and how it provides the added benefit of flexibility.
10 Feb 2021


8 February 2021 Are you thinking of trading options following the GameStop debacle? Here’s what you need to know before you do.
8 Feb 2021