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Should you be overly worried about inflationary pressures? Our CEO/CIO, Chuin Ting Weber, pens her thoughts here in her latest article.
4 Jun 2021


How MoneyOwl combines the best of human wisdom and technology and stay true to an investing philosophy that combines both logic and evidence
7 Sep 2020

CIO Letter

Investment Principle #10 - If You Can’t Beat the Market, Own the Market
Why it's extremely easy to own the market through funds that mimic an index or hold the position in securities that represent the whole financial market.
3 Aug 2020


Banking, finance and business management, financial management, the economy of individuals and organizations that make a blurry in the background.
Find out more about the Monetary Policy Statement by the MAS and what to look out for when carrying out monetary policy. 
28 Mar 2020


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Why you should ignore the cacophony and turn off the media and still stay invested up till the market recovers
28 Feb 2020


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A lot can happen in a year. Looking back at how 2018 ended, it was hard to be extremely bullish headed into 2019, yet as it turns out, extreme bullishness is what gripped both stock and bond market investors over the course of the year.
7 Jan 2020


MoneyOwl launches in singapore
Press Release by MoneyOwl, 6 October 2018
6 Oct 2018

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