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John Doe

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Here’s what other MoneyOwl clients have to say about us.

When I expressed my interest for help to plan for my retirement, I was promptly contacted by MoneyOwl. I am very surprised that my advisor is so patient and attentive, knowledgeable and quick to understand my concerns.

Kat Koo

Had a very good experience chatting with MoneyOwl for my plan. My advisor was very patient and answered all my questions. He was also very thorough in going through every detail of my plan.

Celeste Heng

Great financial advice received at MoneyOwl and it’s good to know that they are not incentive or commission driven. I had a good financial planning analysis with my advisor as he has great knowledge of products.

Janet Callie Choo

Fair comparison, good & logical educational materials. Keep it up.

Alex Tan

Business Ops Manager

Good response. Good service.

Wong Teck Foo


Professional and friendly advisor. Keep it up.

Goh Teck Heng


The advisor is clear and helpful. He understands the product well and assists me on my financial plan.

Wendy Chew

License Compliance Manager

Quick response and efficient. Great job in making insurance affordable.

Dommaraju Premchand

Asst. Professor

Fast responses. Keep carrying on.

Wu Hanxing

Pacific Wells

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