Working With No Dependents

Make the best of your financial freedom with wise money management.

Live Life to the Fullest With Solid Financial Choices

Even if you aren’t financially responsible for children or other relatives, it’s still important to have a solid financial plan in place. This includes saving for big-ticket items, coverage for medical expenses and planning for your retirement years.

Recommended Insurance Products for You

Shield yourself from life's unexpected challenges – here are the key insurance plans to ensure you're well-covered.


Term Life

Coverage that ensures your beneficiaries will be taken care of in the event of your demise.

Critical Illness

Coverage in the event of early, intermediate or late-stage critical illness, including cancer and stroke.

Long-Term Care

Secure funds to cover costs of nursing homes, care centres and other aid in the case of severe disability.


Reduce medical fees with coverage for surgery or hospitalisation.

Disability Income

Get protection should you be unable to work in your current job due to accidents, injuries or illnesses.

Retirement Income

Build a reliable source of income for your retirement years.

Recommended Investment Products for You

Fortify your savings with wise investment solutions that yield reliable returns.


Invest in low-cost, globally diversified funds tailored to your goals and risk appetite.

Invest With CPF

Use a portion of your Ordinary Account funds to generate extra income for your retirement.

Comprehensive Financial Planning

Take advantage of MoneyOwl’s holistic financial roadmap that will equip you to meet your financial goals and needs for years to come.

Customised & Unbiased

Our advisers will assess your financial situation to craft a personalised plan, designed to help you meet your life goals or desired retirement lifestyle. It will also help you figure out how to allocate resources and plan for your children's needs.

CPF LIFE Payout Projections

With our proprietary CPF Analyser, we are able to generate a financial plan that incorporates your CPF savings and predict your future income.

Affordable Instruments

We recommend low-cost and highly reliable financial tools to make the most of your customised financial plan.


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MoneyOwl Promotions

From 1 August -
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MoneyOwl Promotions

From 1 August -
30 September 2022

MoneyOwl Promotions

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Specially designed for young adults (between 25 to 30 years old) who have just entered the workforce; are busy and are unsure of what insurance to buy.

Bundle Plans

Specially designed for new mums and dads who would like to get sufficient coverage for your precious little ones.

Bundle Plans

MoneyOwl’s Insights Into Financial Planning

Explore our guides and resources on effective money management that will help you enjoy a fulfilling life.

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