Freelance vs full-time jobs in Singapore: Pros and cons

Article by Yahoo! Finance
29 July 2022

This part of the Yahoo! Finance’s Millennial Money series focuses on the financial benefits and the pros and cons of being a gig worker versus being employed full-time. It is mentioned that all the financial advisors mentioned in the article agreed that the biggest benefit of full-time employment is that it guarantees a stable flow of income every month. Full-time employment also comes with a slew of health and other welfare benefits, such as Central Provident Fund (CPF) contributions that will serve well in the long run. Freelancing, on the other hand, is said to offer flexible working arrangements but does not offer CPF contributions, which can leave a significant gap in one’s retirement nest egg.

The article has included CEO/CIO Chuin Ting’s comments that it is always good to start building a good capital base that can be used to fall back on if needed or used to invest for additional income. In addition, it is also mentioned that the most important financial asset a young person can have is themselves, or more specifically, one’s income-generation ability over an employment lifetime and full-time employment would provide opportunities to build ourselves up in terms of skills, mindset, attitudes and experience, which young people need as a foundation.

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