Look Ahead 2023: Young Singaporeans need to act fast to minimise impact as inflation persists and growth slows in new year, say experts

Article by Today Online
3 January 2023

The current climate of persistent inflation and dampened economic growth looks set to continue in 2023, and young professionals in Singapore unused to such scenarios will have to take steps to safeguard their future, experts say. This article discusses how global and domestic developments will affect youths’ spending power and mentions expert opinions on the importance of prudence, building up a safety net, particularly in the face of job uncertainty in a slowing market, and the benefits of investment to mitigate against the erosive effect of inflation. The author has included Daphne’s comments on how the younger generation needs to build a safety net for themselves to prepare for the uncertainties ahead. In doing so, it quotes her on how we should build up our emergency funds to about six months of our expenses in case of unexpected events such as a job loss or to meet unforeseen expenses. Daphne also mentions that it would be a good move to be smart and proactive about moving liquid savings between and around different fixed income instruments, be it fixed deposits, treasury bills or even the Singapore Savings Bonds as it would enable one to get good returns in the current high interest rate environment.

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