Millennial Money: The good, bad and ugly of investing in NFTs

Article by Yahoo! Finance
3 June 2022

This is part of the Millennial Money series that focuses on discovering whether it’s good for millennials to invest in NFTs. The article discusses what are NFTs and states that according to financial experts, unlike traditional financial assets, there is little to no valuation of NFTs due to the asset prices being determined by supply and demand. On the other hand, traditional financial assets have some kind of yield or value being created. CEO/CIO Chuin Ting’s comments that NFTs do not have an underlying economic return based on the economic activity of companies or countries as their payoff structure is speculative and volatile are mentioned. The article includes her recommendation that millennials look into buying NFTs mainly as a bet or venture. By doing so, they should keep the invested amount small and only put in only what they are prepared to lose. The article also mentions similar comments from other industry professionals and the lack of regulation when it comes to NFT-related activities.

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