Time to reassess throwing our money into black boxes

Article by The Business Times
4 April 2022

This article is aimed at helping young people better understand financial security and states that robo advisors should not be the be-all and end-all to one’s financial security. CEO/CIO Chuin Ting’s comments were featured in this article, where she likens different robo-advisor portfolios to different roller-coasters where every rider has a stop button, through which riders can withdraw their money at any time. The journalist uses this analogy to compare equity to bonds and an investor’s ability to gauge and take risks. The article also mentions Providend Founder Christopher Tan’s comments on taking risks, where it is said that the user experience of the different robo-advisors has a part to play as well. Some asset allocation decisions made by Endowus, Stashaway and Syfe are then briefly compared, to show that while such allocation decisions aren’t necessarily bad, investors should understand and be comfortable with their robo-advisor’s investment philosophy. 

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