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Receive a FREE digital Comprehensive Financial Plan (u.p $99)

MoneyOwl’s all-in-one digital Comprehensive Financial Plan integrates finances across every key area of your life. Get a personalised and instantaneous Comprehensive Financial Plan with this promo code <MBRAND>. Limited to the first 500 new clients of MoneyOwl. 

*Terms and conditions apply. The promotion does not include a 1:1 consultation session. Clients may choose to opt for a consultation session with our dedicated, salaried Client Adviser at $49.  Click here for the full terms and conditions.

What is Comprehensive Financial Planning?

Comprehensive Financial Planning is the process of designing a financial plan that considers every key area of your life, such as how to grow your income, managing your insurance needs and planning for your retirement. This big-picture approach helps you take control of your financial situation and make your short- and long-term life goals achievable. No matter what your starting point is, Comprehensive Financial Planning helps reduce stress around your finances and enables you to enjoy a more meaningful life today.

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Navigate Your Financial Journey With Ease

Our bionic Comprehensive Financial Planning platform is the first of its kind in Singapore, designed to ensure that you don’t miss out on the important things in life.

Personalised, Unbiased Advice

Our Client Advisers are fully salaried and don’t earn on commission, so you can be assured that they have your best interests at heart. We’ll assess your current financial situation and create an actionable plan to keep you on the right track to meeting your goals.

Comprehensive and Holistic Planning

Look forward to a plan that offers more than just piecemeal advice around insurance and investment. We’ll help you improve your cash flow, protect your assets, grow your wealth and plan your legacy.

CPF LIFE Payout Projections

Our integration with national schemes guarantees a financial plan that incorporates your CPF savings and projections. Based on your desired retirement age, the MoneyOwl CPF Analyser will accurately predict your future financial situation.

Low-Cost Instruments

Every dollar you save in fees is a dollar more for you. That's why we recommend low-cost term insurance plans and globally diversified investment solutions that ensure you get the most out of your customised financial plan.

How It Works

Kickstart your Comprehensive Financial Planning with MoneyOwl in 3 simple steps:


Tell Us About Your Finances

Fill in your current financial information through our secure robo platform. Key in the promo code <MBRAND> at the checkout page.


Receive Your Report

Everything you need to begin your new financial journey can be downloaded as a comprehensive 16-page report.


Implement Your Plan

Want to take action based on your tailored action plan? Clear up doubts and address your concerns with your dedicated, salaried Client Adviser.

Your Comprehensive Financial Plan: A Preview

This customised report offers a detailed breakdown of your current financial situation, the tools required to achieve your future goals and the steps needed to optimise your CPF payouts. To get a preview of what you can expect from your report, download a few sample pages through the link below.

Terms & Conditions

  1. The promotion is valid from 29 May to 31 August 2023.
  2. To be eligible for the promotion, you will need to:
    • Be a new* MoneyOwl client; and
    • Complete the digital Comprehensive Financial Plan using the promo code: MBRAND
  3. The promotion is limited to the first 500 eligible clients.
  4. The promotion is not stackable with other promotions.
  5. Clients may choose to opt for a consultation session with our dedicated, salaried Client Adviser at $49.
  6. MoneyOwl reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions.
  7. For any enquiries, contact us here or email us at
*A new MoneyOwl client is a client who has not purchased insurance, funded an investment account, or completed a will-writing service or Comprehensive Financial Planning service with MoneyOwl.

Frequently Asked Questions

Currently, our planning approach is on individual basis. For planning as a couple, each member can create his or her own Comprehensive Financial Plans and the Client Adviser can advise them in the same meeting session.

Your Comprehensive Financial Planning report will be locked after you submit your inputs so that the system can generate your report for you. Should you wish to unlock it to revise your inputs, please contact your Client Adviser or drop an email to You can generate as many versions of the report as you want so long as it is based on your personal particulars.

No, there is no requirement.

Typically, in a Comprehensive Financial Planning report, there will be a recommended action plan for you to meet your financial goals like retirement and children’s education funding or close any protection gap. It will be beneficial for you to discuss these recommendations and, if necessary, customise it further accordingly to your priority and budget.

We believe in providing you with independent, conflict-free financial advice that is founded on sound financial planning philosophy coupled with fit-for-purpose solutions. These services require your Client Adviser to spend sufficient time to understand your financial situation, go through the report with you face to face and help you to prioritise between your goals, amongst others.

A fee-based model, whilst uncommon in Singapore, is not unique to the rest of the world. In the US and Australia, financial planning services are offered mostly on fee-based model as it has been proven to provide best value to its clients since financial advisers are remunerated based on their professionalism and quality of work done for you, and not by the products you procure from them. This assures you that your Client Adviser is always on the lookout for your best interest.

Your privacy is our priority. We do not sell or refer your personal information to a third party. MoneyOwl’s platform is built by an experienced technology team led by our very own Chief Technology Officer. It is subjected to rigorous penetration testing and meets technology risk management guidelines set by MAS to ensure highest security and data protection, so that you can have peace of mind. Our risk management processes are also ISO27001 certified.

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