4 Reasons To Celebrate MoneyOwl This Anniversary

As we celebrate MoneyOwl’s fourth anniversary this August, the MoneyOwl team looks back on their successes and triumphs over the past year. 
5 August 2022

As we celebrate MoneyOwl’s fourth anniversary this August, the MoneyOwl team looks back on their successes and triumphs over the past year. 

Being an NTUC social enterprise, MoneyOwl’s mission is to provide the everyday person in Singapore with wise financial decisions using cost-effective and fit-for-purpose solutions. To achieve this massive undertaking, we have a  lean but mighty team of people committed to our social mission. In celebration of our fourth anniversary, four team leads share some of their proudest achievements and what else they look forward to in the years ahead.

Expanding our suite of investment solutions

“Last year, we introduced joint investment accounts and rolled out our CPF Investment portfolio. By offering our clients the option of joint investment accounts, we are catering for many use cases, for example, couples saving for their retirement together or parents who want to save for their children’s education. As a parent, I found it very useful to have one portfolio for each child, which they can easily take over when they turn of age.

For the CPF Investment portfolio, we wanted to give our clients the option to invest their CPF OA, apart from our current cash and SRS options. It was challenging as we had to iterate our core investment journey to ensure it adhered to the strict conditions required for investing one’s CPF money, but I’m very proud of the team for pulling it off.

Moving forward, we’re continually refining our product so that each client is empowered to make better financial decisions for themselves. We want to deepen the engagement that a client has with their financial plan, allowing them to edit it as and when circumstances change while still having the option to reach out for help when they need it.”
– Daryl Tan,
Product Management and Design Lead

Tapping on data to take the business to the next level

“When I first joined the team in late 2021, my top priority was to steer the Marketing team to be more data-driven. This includes taking a deep dive into performance metrics, drawing meaningful insights and using them to drive better business outcomes. Because of my previous work experience, I could quickly implement strategies to leverage on data and analytics. As it takes time for the right mindset and process to take shape, change doesn’t come about quickly or easily. However, I look forward to working more closely with my team to bring MoneyOwl to the next level.”
Vincent Wee, Head of Digital Marketing

Expanding MoneyOwl’s B2B product line

“It’s a real honour to build our Corporate Financial Wellness Programme from scratch. Since our inception, we’ve increased the number of corporate clients by five-fold. I find it very meaningful to work with other social enterprises, unionised entities and unions to improve and enhance their employees’ financial wellness. We hope to continue equipping workers in Singapore with the tools needed to achieve their financial and life goals.”
– Joey Neo, Head of Corporate Business 

Emerging from the pandemic stronger as a team

“It’s no secret that Covid-19 posed a big challenge to companies worldwide, and MoneyOwl was no exception. However, we rose to the challenge and were the first to offer the option of video-conferencing to our clients – within two days of Dorscon Orange. Apart from that, I am proud of our team banding together during this challenging period to ensure the organisation remains safe and resilient. The last 2.5 years have not been easy, and I, for one, am looking forward to more normalcy in the near future!”
– Alan Chiu, Chief Technology Officer 

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