Investment and Savings

When you sell your investments, the sales proceeds will automatically be credited into your CPF Investment Account. The monies will remain there, unless you instruct your agent bank to transfer the amount into your OA.

Your agent bank will also automatically transfer the cash balance held in your CPF Investment Account to your OA (at the end of the month*) if your Investment Account has been inactive (i.e. if there had been no investment transactions) for two consecutive months.

Profits earned under the CPFIS are not withdrawable as cash as the purpose of investing is to grow your savings for retirement. However, the profits can be used for other CPF schemes, subject to the terms and conditions. You also do not need to make good on any investment losses. However, such losses will inadvertently reduce your retirement nest egg. Your investment profits, interest earned from investments and dividends, if any, are not taxable under the CPF Investment Scheme.

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