CPF Life

Planning for your golden years doesn't have to be a headache with WiseIncome, a multi-asset fund that provides a sustainable income stream to supplement CPF LIFE payouts in retirement. 
29 Jul 2022


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Investing your CPF Ordinary Account (OA) monies is not something to be taken lightly. Before you commit, here are some pertinent questions to ask yourself.  In our previous article, we shared the benefits of investing your CPF OA monies and you may have been considering taking action. To find out if CPF investing is indeed...
25 Apr 2022


This month we dive into your questions about CPF. We share what funds you can invest with your CPF, how to choose between funds for your investment and many more.
8 Apr 2022


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Will the increase in the Basic Retirement Scheme affect your retirement plans? Read on to find out more. 
22 Feb 2022

Retirement Planning

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Need clarity on the latest changes to the CPF system? We've got you covered.
10 Nov 2021

Financial Literacy

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Find out how insurance protect us against the risk of losing our income covering investing, insurance and cpf life
24 Aug 2020

Financial Literacy

Find out why CPF plays an important role in your retirement plan and why it is important to have an annuity plan as the foundation of your retirement income.
7 Nov 2019

Retirement Planning

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Find out how CPF can work for you for your retirement and learn more about CPF Life, Common Misconceptions, Private Annuity Plans, Investing your CPF, and SRS. 
20 Aug 2019


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In this third article, we explore how CPF, specifically, CPF LIFE forms the foundation of your retirement plan by providing you with a stream of income for life.
21 Feb 2019

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