Based on an investment strategy grounded in Nobel Prize-winning economic theory, Dimensional helps you grow your money reliably in a selection of broadly diversified portfolios.

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About Dimensional Fund Advisors

Unlike the forecasting method of conventional investment firms, Dimensional Fund Advisors apply a more objective approach to evaluating markets. Our Dimensional portfolios rely on scientific financial insights as opposed to individual guesswork and predictions, offering you a safe and reliable way to grow your money.

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Benefits of Investing in the Dimensional Fund

Dimensional investing puts your needs first, rather than chasing high performance portfolios and trends.

Better Long-Term Performance

DFA pursues drivers of higher expected returns that research has proven to be persistent, robust, pervasive and logical. Based on a foundation of market-based returns, DFA employs systematic tilts to the dimensions of value, small caps and profitability to deliver better performance over the long term.

Broad Market Exposure

DFA captures market-based returns as a starting point by holding a large diversified range of securities in their funds. Instead of trying to pick stocks, sectors or countries based on forecasts, DFA relies on the dimensions of higher expected returns to provide opportunities for outperformance.

Low Cost

While the total expense ratios for active funds can be as high as 1.67% p.a., our portfolios’ fund-level fees hover around 0.30% p.a.. DFA achieves this by minimising costs of operations and patient trading, leveraging on huge economies of scale.

Build Your Portfolio

Enter amount up to $1M
Enter amount up to $50K
Enter years from 10 to 50
Risk/return 5 portfolios of varying risk/return levels ranging from Conservative (lowest Risk and lowest return) to Equity (highest risk and highest return). Figures represent the asset allocation between Equities and Fixed income respectively.
5 asset allocations for different risk/return
Potential total gain $265,112
NowYear 30$0$100K$200K$300K$400K$500K$600K$700K
YearPortfolio ValueTotal Invested Amount
Year 235,439.28334,000
Year 348,791.95346,000
Year 462,585.26258,000
Year 576,833.7570,000
Year 691,552.43782,000
Year 7106,756.84294,000
Year 8122,462.992106,000
Year 9138,687.445118,000
Year 10155,447.304130,000
Year 11172,760.24142,000
Year 12190,644.502154,000
Year 13209,118.944166,000
Year 14228,203.043178,000
Year 15247,916.918190,000
Year 16268,281.35202,000
Year 17289,317.809214,000
Year 18311,048.471226,000
Year 19333,496.244238,000
Year 20356,684.795250,000
Year 21380,638.567262,000
Year 22405,382.814274,000
Year 23430,943.621286,000
Year 24457,347.934298,000
Year 25484,623.59310,000
Year 26512,799.343322,000
Year 27541,904.895334,000
Year 28571,970.931346,000
Year 29603,029.146358,000
Year 30635,112.281370,000
Portfolio value
Total invested amount

The illustration shows the growth of portfolio value and total invested amount over your selected investment period.

Total invested considers the amount of initial investment as well as the total monthly investments over your selected investment period. Total gain refers to the difference between the combined amount of payouts received and portfolio value, and total amount invested over your selected investment period. Total invested considers the amount of initial investment as well as the total monthly investments over your selected investment period.

It is assumed that the portfolios grow at a constant rate of 6.7% p.a., 6.3% p.a., 5.6% p.a., 4.6% p.a. and 3.2% for Equity, Growth, Balanced, Moderate and Conservative portfolio respectively. Returns are projected long-term returns using average 20-year rolling returns (rolled monthly) of comparative indices from 1994 to 2020 Returns are net of fund level fees (0.25% p.a. to 0.27% p.a.) and net of advisory fees (assumed 0.60%). It is assumed that re-balancing is performed half yearly. This graph is only for illustration purposes, and does not represent actual investor performance. Actual performance will vary due to changes in market conditions, differences in fees and actual portfolio rebalancing. Past performance is not indicative of future performance.

Growing Your Wealth With MoneyOwl

The Five Portfolios

Our portfolios are created using Dimensional Fund Advisors’ (DFA) funds, which are backed by decades of research and cater to varying levels of risk appetites.


Projected returns are based on the average historical 20-year rolling period returns of Dimensional Global Core Equity Index, Dimensional Emerging Markets Adjusted Large Cap Index & FTSE World Government Bond Index 1- 5 Years (hedged to SGD) from 1994 to 2022 and Bloomberg Global Aggregate Bond Index (hedged to SGD) from 2000 to 2022. Please note that past performance is not a guarantee of future results.

Projected returns are calculated after deducting fund level fees, which range between 0.25% and 0.27% p.a., and net of advisory fees of 0.6% p.a.

Past performance is not an indicator of future performance.

Dimensional Fund Advisors

Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) place trust in markets and don’t gamble investors’ money based on hubris. Their strategies don’t involve forecasting, which is often dubbed as “investment skill” or “dynamic allocation”. DFA shares our philosophy of staying invested in broadly diversified markets to capture long-term market return. MoneyOwl’s portfolios are made up of the following specially-curated funds from DFA:


The blended Total Expense Ratios (TER) of our portfolios made up of Dimensional funds are low: 0.25%-0.27% p.a., or more than 75% lower than actively managed funds which have an average TER of 1.35%-1.89% p.a.

MoneyOwl does not receive any trailer commissions from Dimensional.

As the Dimensional funds are structured as unit trusts, investors can own fractional shares and invest a small quantum.

Dimensional funds can only be accessed through licensed financial advisers approved by Dimensional.

Joint Investment Account

Give your child or loved ones the gift of financial security by opening a joint investment account with them.

A joint investment account can be opened for any of MoneyOwl’s investment products (excluding SRS, CPF monies) with a minor (under 18 years old) or an adult.

Read our joint account FAQs here.

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Invest With Confidence Through Dimensional

Discover your ideal portfolio and grow your wealth with practical investment solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

The total returns are based on time-weighted return approach, which is calculated by multiplying the daily returns of your portfolio and linking them together to show how the returns are compounded over time. It shows you how much $1 of your investment would have grown throughout your investment period, without considering the size and timing of interim cash inflows or outflows. This is in line with how fund managers measure the performance of their funds.

Mathematically, if the period 1 return on your investment is represented by r1, and period 2 is represented by r2 and so on, the Time-Weighted Return is determined by the formula below: Total Returns = [(1+r1) (1+r2) (1+r3) (1+r4) .... (1+rn)] – 1


Suppose Peter invests $10,000 into a portfolio on 1 Jan. On 1 July, his portfolio is valued at $11,500 and at this point he adds another $1,000 bringing his portfolio value to $12,500 ($11,500 + $1,000). By the end of the year, the portfolio has decreased in value to $12,000.

Period Return (1 Jan to 30 Jun) = ($11,500 - $10,000)/$10,000 = 15%

Period Return (1 Jul to 31 Dec) = ($12,000 - $12,500)/$12,500 = -4%

Therefore, the Time-Weighted Return during this entire period (1 Jan to 31 Dec) is 10.4%, which is computed by geometrically linking the returns of the two periods, i.e. [(1+0.15) (1-0.04)] - 1 = 10.4%

You can login to your MoneyOwl Investment Account to submit a top-up request:

  1. Login> Under Investment and Savings Card> Select one of the portfolios
  2. Click ‘Top Up’
  3. Select the portfolio from the drop-down list> Enter the funding amount

  • For cash investment, the top up request will be processed when there are sufficient monies in your Cash Account.
  • For SRS and CPF OA  investments, the top up request will be processed immediately.

For Dimensional/ WiseIncome/WiseSaver Portfolios, the minimum withdrawal amount is $50.

For CPF Portfolios, the minimum withdrawal amount is $200.

Your sell request will be processed at 3pm on the current business day if we received your sell request before 3 pm. If your sell request is received after 3pm, the request will be processed at 3 pm the next business day.

iFAST Financial Pte Ltd provides custodial and transfer agent services to MoneyOwl. Please refer to https://eservices.mas.gov.sg/fid for full details of their licence.

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