retirement planning

Planning for your golden years doesn't have to be a headache with WiseIncome, a multi-asset fund that provides a sustainable income stream to supplement CPF LIFE payouts in retirement. 
29 Jul 2022


This month we dive into your questions about CPF. We share what funds you can invest with your CPF, how to choose between funds for your investment and many more.
8 Apr 2022


family saving money holding piggy bank topping up cpf
CPF top-ups have grown in Singapore helping in their financial planning. We break down the benefits of how you can take advantage of the CPF to plan for your retirement.
13 Dec 2021

Financial Literacy

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Enjoy tax reliefs with SRS contributions and plan for your retirement. Find out about SRS withdrawals and how you can start your SRS account now.
21 Oct 2021


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Use your SRS funds to have a steady income stream in your retirement. Use 3 selection steps to choose the right investment for you.
21 Oct 2021


approved single premium srs plans for retirement
Find the best retirement plan for you. Compare 3 SRS-approved Single Premium Retirement Income plans and choose which fits your needs.
12 Oct 2021

Retirement Income Plans

What is SRS? It's a voluntary scheme encouraging you to save for retirement. Enjoy tax reliefs now and use your SRS savings to generate a steady income stream or grow your retirement nest for your retirement.
5 Oct 2021

Retirement Planning

Retirement guide The Ultimate Guide To Retire Comfortably In Singapore
This step-by-step guide offers advice on how to prepare for retirement by building a healthy retirement income stream, ensuring you have adequate medical insurance and a fully paid home to stay in.
13 Aug 2021

Financial Literacy

Old couple
In our fifth article of this series, we will talk about the third must-have for retirement – a strong healthcare safety net that takes care of your healthcare needs.
13 Aug 2021

Financial Literacy

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While CPF LIFE payouts should form the foundation of your Safe Retirement Income Floor, there are other financial instruments you can use to boost your retirement income.
13 Aug 2021

Financial Literacy